How Many Photos, Videos or Edits Do I Get?

The number of items you receive is almost always specific to the service or package you've chosen.

See below for a guideline on the scope of photos, videos & edits you receive for each Creative package or service.


Drone Photography & Video

• Photography & Video of exterior and around buildings.
• Up to 10 Photos
Up to 5 Video Clips (10-15 seconds)


Exteriors & Exterior Amenities (includes drone photos)

• Photography of exterior building and exterior amenities.

• Ex. Pool, Dog Park, Exterior Building/Front Entrance, Signage/Monument, etc.

• Up to 15 photos


All Community Amenities

• Photography of all community amenities including interior & exterior & leasing office

• Ex. Pool, Fitness Center, Business Center, Leasing Office, Dog Park, Coffee Bar, Resident Lounge, BBQ Area, Exterior Drone Photography & Video, Building Shots, etc.

• Up to 20 photos


Interior Model Only

• Photography of model interiors
• Includes detailed shots of finishes, appliances, and technology. Ex. Granite Coutertops, Stainless Appliances, Nest Smart Thermostat
• Includes shots of Kitchen, Living Room, Bedrooms, Bathrooms, Closets, Utilities, Patio/Balcony, Office/Den, etc.
• Up to 20 photos


Website Banner Video

• Short 5-10 seconds clips of living room, kitchen, bedroom, pool, fitness center, exterior drone, leasing office

• Up to 10 clips


Community Walk-Thru Video

• Up to 2 minutes, edited video showcasing full property with music.

• Up to 3 revisions after 1st draft is sent.

• Includes music and motion graphics if applicable


Lifestyle Video

• Up to 3 minutes, highlighting 1-2 actors living within the community showing their day to day life from living in their apartment, working out in the fitness center, hangout out by the pool, talking with property team, and showing them walking around nearby attractions like shops and restaurants.

• Up to 3 revisions after 1st draft is sent

• Includes music and motion graphics if applicable


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