What are the Differences Between Branded and Non-Branded Campaigns for PPC?

Learn the difference between our branded, non-branded local, and non-branded non-local campaigns.

For most PPC campaigns REPLI uses 3 separate campaigns:

  • Branded
  • Non-Branded Local
  • Non-Branded Non-Local

We break out our campaigns using this strategy to better allocate your ad budgets and maximize the number of leads generated every month. Let's break down the fundamental differences between each campaign.

Branded Campaigns

In your branded campaigns, we only use your branded keywords - so your property name. Ads using your property name are generally cheaper, will use a smaller budget, and generate higher CTRs and leads. 

Non-Branded Local

There are two major differences in this campaign - keywords and targeting.


Your non-branded campaign will use any non-branded keywords. Keywords in this campaign may look like: 

  • apartments near me
  • 1 bedroom apts in {city}
  • apartments in {city}


This campaign will focus on the area around your community. Fair housing prohibits real estate advertisers from targeting based on zip code, so we will show ads to users generally within a 25-mile radius around the property. 

This campaign will target users in or regularly in your targeted location. 

Non-Branded Local Campaign Targeting

Non-Branded Non-Local

This campaign will be set up exactly the same except for one major difference - targeting. 


This campaign will target users NOT located around your community. This could be users from a different city or an entirely different state. 

This campaign will target users searching for your targeted location. 

Non-Branded Non-Local Campaign

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