What is CallRail?

Learn about CallRail and how it impacts your tracking numbers, SEO and ads.

REPLI utilizes various tools to improve our digital marketing strategies and reporting. CallRail is used by the paid media and organic media teams. We use CallRail for phone call and form submission conversion tracking. With CallRail we can easily attribute organic and paid media traffic to your conversions. 

CallRail FAQs

Here are our most commonly asked questions about CallRail. 

How Does CallRail Work?

We add a line of JavaScript to your site, usually through Google Tag Manager. That script will dynamically update the phone number on your website to show 1 of 4 local numbers, but all of the phone numbers seamlessly forward to the phone number listed on your site.

Can I Still Use My Tracking Number?

Absolutely! CallRail will have no impact on your tracking number. 

What is the Benefit of CallRail?

CallRail allows us to attribute phone calls to various marketing efforts. Now you can measure phone calls or form submissions from organic traffic, ads, and even ad extensions. Now you can be confident knowing you're spending money on the marketing channels that lead to more leads and leases.