What is the Facebook Pixel? Why should I use it?

What is the Facebook Pixel? Why should I use it? 

What is the Facebook Pixel? 

According to Facebook the Pixel is  “…an analytics tool that allows you to measure the effectiveness of your advertising by understanding the actions people take on your website“. 

In short, the Facebook pixel is a snippet of code you place on your website to enhance your marketing efforts through the Facebook Platform. 

Why Should I Use the Facebook Pixel? What Are The Benefits?

The Facebook pixel unlocks a goldmine of valuable advertising data. It allows you to track conversion actions, such as a phone call or form submission on a landing page, along with other backend data that Facebook uses to automatically serve your ads to the most relevant users possible. 

Conversions - Track device use, demographics, and other key interaction points that lead to a conversion. Ultimately this allows us to refine our ad strategy and optimize your campaigns for higher quality lead generation!

Remarketing - By adding the pixel to your website and landing pages we are able to remarket to those who have visited your sites and then show them more relevant ads based on their interactions. 

Grow Your Customer Base - The Facebook Pixel helps you build an audience of customers that are most likely to lease at your community. Over time the pixel will collect enough data to help you expand your potential customer base(lookalike audience)!

Sounds Great! Where Do I Find It and Where Should It Go?

Your Facebook Pixel will be provided to you by your REPLI Digital Marketing team member.

The pixel should be installed in the <head> section of all pages on your main website, as well as other advertising landing pages. This allows you to collect the most data possible for current or future campaign builds and optimization. Responsibility for adding the pixel varies by company. In our experience this can be done by a REPLI developer if we are given access to your website, by your website company for a small fee(sometimes free), or by someone from your team internally. This is done in the best interest of you and your community so we always make sure to find the best solution for you when adding this to your site.