What should I expect during a REPLI website launch?

This article will help you understand REPLI's workflow during a website audit and launch. Learn where you will play a role in making sure your site launches successfully.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: The steps you see outlined below are crucial to the successful launch of your website. These steps are coordinated between our team and yours via our Project Management Tool Monday.com - If these steps are not followed, we may not be able to launch your website successfully so please follow as best you can. Please reach out to your account manager or support for additional questions. 

All sites under development will live in our project management tool. We have a thoroughly laid out board for all site implementations that we are working on that is specifically built to streamline and appropriately facilitate communication for successful site launches. The outline you see below is a high-level rundown of the process your site will go through during implementation, audit, and launch. 

    1. REPLI Dev Team Creates Staging Site & Uploads Staging Link for Property - Tags as Done
    2. REPLI Dev Team Configures API Connection to your PMS Software - Tags as Done
    3. REPLI Dev Team Migrates Content/Assets into Theme - Tags as Done
    4. This action then notifies our Organic Media Team to perform their audit and make the necessary adjustments for SEO and content-related items. 
      • Once the Organic Media Team is complete with their audit and all SEO Items have been completed they will tag the status as done.
    5. This action sends an email directly to the assigned “Reviewer” from your team.
      • The email you receive will explain and outline the next steps to take to perform your site review & audit. It will include a knowledge base article that you can refer to if you have questions. This email you receive will come directly from REPLI Help Desk- Support@repli360.com
      • In the email, you receive you will be asked to reply directly once your site comments/edit requests are completed. This will generate a ticket for you and our team letting us know that edits are completed and will initiate our team getting started on making changes. 
    6. Once our team has completed the requested edits, you will receive an email from our support team notifying you that all changes have been completed. Please respond to this email directly with additional edits or APPROVED for Launch. 
    7. Once we have received your notification that we are Approved for launch, our team will update the “Ready for Launch” status in our system and we will send a notification back to you with the steps needed to update DNS records which will ultimately get your site live.

If you are not the person that handles the DNS records, simply forward the email to the appropriate party. Once DNS records have been updated, respond to the original email letting us know this has taken place.

      • Once we receive your email reply confirmation that records have been updated, our team will monitor and check for proper DNS & SSL propagation. 
      • When we confirm that all looks good on our end, we will reach out and confirm

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