Why Can't I Update My Phone Number on Google My Business?

Discover why you're unable to save your phone number on Google My Business.

If you're on an SEO package with REPLI and we are managing your listing in Reputation.com, then you are unable to update your phone number directly on Google My Business. Here's why...

Why Reputation.com Blocks Your Phone Number Updates

Reputation.com acts as a source of truth for all of your listings online. So if Reputation.com finds any sources (Google My Business, Bing, Foursquare, etc) that are displaying information that does not match with what we've submitted to their platform, Reputation.com will automatically override those changes. 

So How Do I Update My Phone Number?

If you have a reputation.com login...

  • Login to reputation.com
  • Click on Listings > Profiles located on the left-hand menu
  • Find the property you want to edit then hit the pencil icon
  • Click on Offices
  • Update your phone number
  • Hit the Submit button to save changes

If you don't have a reputation.com login..

You can submit a support ticket and our organic media team will get it updated right away! Please include the new phone number in your support ticket. 

Have additional questions? We'd love to help! 

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